We welcome applications from Artists who want to join our team and sell their artwork expressed on a textile through ArtistHeadwear.

When a fan or other customer finds your image and purchases it, you will be notified. Once we get 50 orders and production begins, you’ll be paid. ArtistHeadwear will pay you a 10% commission on the purchase price for the first 50 sold and a 20% commission on all production over 100 pieces for as long as you maintain you account in good standing.

ArtistHeadwear artist sellers can also showcase their work on our website in portfolios that show off their specialty talents. These are attractive to buyers who are looking for artwork with a particular specialization and / or theme.

Buyers also frequently post requests for specific artwork to our website. As a seller, you can be alerted to requests in your specialization, and upload artwork to these requests.

The registration process is simple. Fill in the form below and click ‘register me as an artist seller’, and your details will be emailed to us for consideration. We only take on high-quality artists with strong social media platforms. If we like what you do and we feel it’s commercial on our textile platform, you will be contacted and your registration confirmed.

All data we keep about you is covered by  data protection laws and will only be disclosed in order to facilitate the smooth process of your sales. We will never pass on your data to any other third party (unless legally obliged to do so).