Thank you for your interest in Artist Headwear. Artist Headwear is a global initiative in community supported headwear. We use crowdsourcing to connect artists such as yourself with your fans and followers. With our Seamless, we transcend the digital space and put your art on a versatile, multi-functional textile that can be worn a dozen different ways.

Our platform turns your art into cash, enables your fans and followers to support your work, and helps market your work across digital and physical spaces. It’s free to join. It’s easy. You’ll make money. And we encourage you to apply!

How does it work?

We will put your artwork on our Seamless, post it on, and send you a link to share with all your fans and followers. This link directs your fans and followers to your dedicated page on where they can order a Seamless that you’ve designed. It’s a unique and creative way to connect you and your work with your fans and followers.

Once your campaign funds (you get 25 or more orders), we’ll make the Seamless with your art and ship it to your fans directly. You don’t need to do anything else. And of course we’ll send you a check!

More details

You retain all copyright and creative control
You decide the price of the Seamless
Our Seamless is 100% polyester, 4 way stretch, protects from harmful UV rays, can be worn a dozen different ways, and is an elegant, functional, and versatile product that brings your art and vision into the everyday.

Our Artist Headwear project is artist driven, art inspired, and eco-friendly. Our crowdsourcing model creates a zero waste product cycle and a near zero carbon footprint.
Join the Artist Headwear project HERE .